June 12, 2024
Mango Season In US

Mangoes are frequently mistaken for melons, but they actually belong to the drupe family. They may resemble melons in some ways, but they also have a number of distinctions.

I’ll go over their differences, what may have led you to believe they are similar, and everything else you need to know in the remaining sections of this manual.

then let’s talk!

What is Mango

Mango is a juicy and sweet tropical fruit that is native to South Asia but is now widely grown in many parts of the world, including Central and South America, the Caribbean, and some parts of Africa. The mango fruit is typically oval-shaped and varies in size depending on the variety, ranging from small to medium to large.

The flesh of a ripe mango is juicy, tender, and sweet with a rich, tropical flavor that is often described as a combination of peach and pineapple. Mangoes are a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants

When is The Mango Season In Us?

Mango season in the United States varies depending on the region and the specific variety of mango. Generally, mango season in the US begins in early spring and lasts through the summer months, with peak availability occurring in June and July.

The main varieties of mango grown in the US include Tommy Atkins, Ataulfo (also known as champagne), Haden, Keitt, and Kent. Each variety has a slightly different season, with Tommy Atkins being the most widely available from March to July, and Ataulfo mangoes being available from late winter through early fall.

It’s important to note that while mangoes are grown in the US, they are also imported from other countries such as Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador, allowing for year-round availability. However, if you’re looking to buy locally grown mangoes, it’s best to check with your local farmers’ market or grocery store during the peak season

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When Is Florida’s Mango Season?

In South Florida, the only part of Florida where the fruit is grown, the mango season lasts from May through August. As a result, the fruit doesn’t grow in Florida throughout the winter; it only does so during the summer and autumn.

In months when the fruit isn’t in season, however, imports of mangoes from other US states (such as Hawaii and California) and foreign countries make up the difference.

When Is California’s Mango Season?

In California, the mango season lasts from June until August. Southern and Northern California, unlike Florida, have the land and climate necessary for mango tree growth.

However, they both have the same mango seasons. They are unable to rely on one another to buy local supplies during the off-season as a result. Hawaii and the imported mango supply must therefore shoulder the burden of keeping the fruit in stock.

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When Is Hawaii’s Mango Season?

Hawaii boasts the longest mango season in the States, with the state’s mango trees bearing fruit from March to November. As production begins to slow down as the onset of the winter months approaches, this time frame represents the prolonged summer in Hawaii.

Since Hawaii is the only state that supplies mangoes domestically, the shortage in supply is filled by mango imports.

Can You Buy Mango In Winter Season?

Yes, you can buy mangoes in the winter, but the availability may be limited depending on where you live. Mangoes are a tropical fruit, and they are typically in season in the summer months in most parts of the world. However, due to advancements in modern transportation and storage technology, it is now possible to find mangoes in stores year-round.

In the winter, mangoes are often imported from countries in South America and other parts of the world where they are in season during this time. Some common varieties of mangoes that are available in the winter months include the Ataulfo mango, which is also known as the champagne mango, and the Tommy Atkins mango.

If you are looking to buy mangoes in the winter, it’s best to check with your local grocery stores and supermarkets to see what varieties are available. You may also be able to find frozen mangoes or canned mangoes, which can be used in a variety of recipes

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When Can You Buy a Mango?

I advise buying a mango whenever you feel like eating one, unless you’re a chef who requires a specific mango texture, ripeness, and quality.

Mango consumption can be delayed until later in the season, but you might as well start now to sate your need.

To save your taste buds for the greatest mangoes when they are ready, though, is something I can respect. After all, I also do so with a few other fruits.

are Mangoes available all year long for purchase.

Because mangoes are continuously imported to increase local production, you can purchase them in your area even when the season is not in full swing.

Are All Varieties of Mangoes Available at the Same Time?

No, not all varieties of mangoes are available at the same time. Mangoes are available in different varieties, and each variety has its own unique growing season, which can vary depending on the region where they are grown.

For example, in the United States, the Tommy Atkins mango is typically available from March to July, while the Ataulfo mango is available from February to August. Other varieties such as the Haden, Keitt, and Kent mangoes have different peak seasons as well.

The availability of mangoes can also depend on the location where you are looking to purchase them. Mangoes grown locally may have a different season compared to those that are imported from other countries.

It’s a good idea to check with your local farmers’ market or grocery store to find out which varieties of mangoes are in season and available in your area. Some stores may also carry mangoes that have been imported from other countries, which may be available year-round

Here’s a table defining the peak availability of some different mango varieties and when they may be sparsely available.

Mango VarietiesPeak AvailabilitySparse Availability
Tommy Atkins mangoesMarch – JulyJanuary – February; August – December
Honey/Ataulfo mangoesMarch – JulyJanuary – February; August – December
Francis mangoesMay – JuneMarch; July – August; October – November
Kent mangoesDecember – JanuaryFebruary – November
Keitt mangoesEarly March; August – SeptemberMid-March – Mid-April; April – July; October – December
Haden mangoesMarch – AprilJanuary – February; May – December

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