June 12, 2024
the National Fruit of Ukraine

You might be curious to know what the national fruit of Ukraine is if you have ever been there or know anything about it. Ukraine is one of the nations that has a national fruit. The cherry has been designated as the national fruit of Ukraine for a number of reasons.

What Is Ukraine’s National Fruit?

Cherry is the national fruit of Ukraine. It is commonly used in Ukrainian cuisine and has a long history in the nation. In Ukrainian tradition, the cherry is a representation of fertility, love, and beauty. Moreover, it is a significant crop in Ukraine and significantly contributes to the agricultural sector of the nation.

Cherries have been consumed in Ukraine for a very long period, ever since antiquity. As the Greeks inhabited the Black Sea coast in the seventh century BC, they took the fruit with them. Since that time, cherry trees have been abundantly grown in Ukraine, and the fruit has assimilated into both the country’s food and culture.

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The Symbolism of Cherry

The cherry is a representation of love, beauty, and fertility in Ukraine. Folk poetry, art, and music frequently use it to convey these feelings. Ukrainian embroidery also features cherry blossoms frequently, and the fruit is frequently portrayed in old-style art.

Why You Should Visit Brogadale And the National Fruit Collection

In addition to being a breathtaking sight to behold, you can sample a wide range of fruit varieties and even the outstanding apple juice that is made during the harvest. Visitors can get the fruit varieties they don’t recognise identified, as described here.

Also, you’ll become more familiar with a facility that has made a significant contribution to the growth of knowledge about fruit cultivation worldwide. The National Fruit Trials, which moved to their current location in 1952, have contributed significantly to our growing knowledge of cultivar selection, fruit cultivation, and storage. Since its founding, the NFC has preserved 4,000 cultivars, dispersed them to research organisations throughout the globe, and assisted numerous local fruit groups and orchards in their efforts to identify fruit types and acquire scions for endangered cultivars.

By going, you’ll also be helping the Brogdale Collections, which depends on people coming to the NFC, going to festivals and events, and giving money to charity.

The greatest time to go to Brogdale Collections is while one of its events is taking place, such as the Apple, Cider, or Cherry Festivals, where you may sample and purchase hundreds of different varieties and explore the NFC or Hanami Festival for spring blossoms. They should return in full force the next year, but this fall’s Heritage Orchard Days are being held with reservations. So, whenever you visit, make sure to sign up for the daily guided tour of the vast orchards. Visit the website for additional details.

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Cherry Nutritional Value

In addition to having cultural value, cherries are a fruit that is rich in nutrients and has a number of health advantages. Cherries are a great source of potassium, magnesium, iron, and the vitamins C and E. Antioxidants found in them are also abundant and can aid in the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Cherry Usage in Food

Cherries are used in several Ukrainian cuisines in addition to being consumed fresh. Varenyky z vishnyamy, cherry-filled dumplings, is one well-liked meal. Moreover, cherries are used to make the sweet beverage kompot, which is made by boiling the fruit in water and sugar. The fruit is also used to make the well-known Ukrainian treats cherry jam and cherry liqueur.

Cherry’s significance in Ukrainian agriculture

Ukraine is one of the world’s top cherry producers and cultivates a significant amount of the fruit. The fruit is grown across Ukraine, including the southern areas, Crimea, and the Carpathians. In many Ukrainian villages and towns, the cherry harvest, which typically takes place in June and July, is a significant occasion.


For numerous reasons, cherries are the national fruit of Ukraine. It has a long history in the nation, is revered as a symbol of beauty and love, is rich in nutrients, and is frequently used in Ukrainian cooking. Moreover, cherry is a significant crop and a significant contributor to the agricultural sector in Ukraine.


What kind of cherry is most common in Ukraine?

The sour cherry, sometimes referred to as the Morello cherry, is the most widely used cherry variety in Ukraine.

Cherries: how much are they in Ukraine?

Cherries cost varies by region and time of year in Ukraine. In general, cherry prices in urban areas are higher than those in rural areas.

How should fresh cherries be kept in the refrigerator?

After a few days, fresh cherries should be consumed after being stored in a cool, dry location. Also, they can be frozen for later use.

In Ukraine, how are cherries harvested?

In Ukraine, cherries are mostly picked by hand, while some farms employ machinery to produce them on a huge scale.

Is the cherry a fruit that is popular outside of Ukraine?

Yeah, cherry are a widely consumed fruit over the world, especially in the US, Canada, Turkey, and Iran.

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